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60-Day Challenge

Are you Sick and Tired of
being Sick and Tired?



The 60 Day Challenge to transform your body into what you want. This program includes up to 4 group training sessions per week and a cardio plan to do on your own.


Join with a friend or integrate into our existing groups. Each workout is 30-60 minutes of progressive functional training. All will be based on your current fitness level and goals. Bi weekly accountability to keep you on track of your goals.


The 60 Day Challenge starts anytime you want! Grab some friends and contact today to schedule your nutritional consultation for FREE.

Cost: $240 a month ( $20 session ) for 3x week, nutritional planning and weekly check ins.

If you start today your 60 days away from reaching your dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Hall of Fame

Congratulations to all of our best 60 day transformations! All clients used our
personal training or boot camp program with Isagenix products.

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