1. Seek QUALIFIED Help

Just like anything else, NOT all personal trainers are created equal. With numerous online certifications, fitness competitors, successful weight loss stories you have to have your radar on. You must find educated experienced help. A trainer can serve as not only your exercise guide, but nutrition and lifestyle coach. That is very intimate and can have a large effect on your health. Would you go seek medical advice from a Doctor who got his degree online FREE in 30 days? If you cannot afford a trainer, utilize your social media tools to follow an expert of your choice. Most will not help for free, but motivation and accountability are like bathing, recommended daily. Things to look for are at least an undergraduate degree in the related field, nationally accredited certification, transformation testimonials and great reputation.

2. Set Achievable Goals:

Let’s say you have a big picture goal of 100 lb. weight loss goal over next 12-18 months. That is enough time to lose 5-8 lbs. per month progressively. Set your sights on that first 10-15 lbs. within 4-6 weeks. That early success can propel you forward to the next step. Your exercise and nutritional habits should go hand in hand with this process.

3. Keep Perspective:

This may sound harsh, but with all due respect, you put the weight on over 20 years of being inactive how can you expect to lose it all in one month? One must be patient and keep the long term goal in mind. It is never too late to take your health back as long as you have a beating heart. Refer to step 2 to remind you of this.


There are 3 important parts to this lifestyle change: your nutrition, appropriate cardio, and weight training. All 3 are equally important and this can go as FAST or as SLOW as you want it. You cannot commit to working out and not changing your eating habits. Each person is different but I have found when one commits hardcore to ALL 3 your chance for success skyrocket.

5. Get a unique GAMEPLAN:

Mindset, CHECK, Motivation CHECK, Accountability CHECK now what? We all come from different shapes, genetic predispositions, injuries and flat out issues. With all the fitness and nutrition fads I recommend you finding a catered program. There are so many options out there (Personal Training, boot camp, cross fit, zumba etc) it can be overwhelming. I would seek refuge in a program or trainer that encompasses steps 1-4 with progression. A kick ass workout means nothing without the SMART principles (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely)

Now you’re ready to go and change your life for good this time? If you have questions about how to get started with Personal training, Online PT, Boot camps, or nutritional counseling contact SKOptimum.