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Competition Prep

Hitting the stage in the BEST
shape of your life!

Become a TKO Athlete

Do you have goals of bringing your absolute BEST condition to a stage? Is there a wedding or vacation you want to use a deadline to showcase the new you? Become a TKO Athlete and get laser focused and detailed nutritional planning and program design. With our flexible dieting approach you will achieve the ultimate goal, mastering YOUR body.

Competition Prep

Do you have a major beach body destination or event to get ready for? This program is just for you if you are SERIOUS about taking your body to the ultimate level. We offer our 16 and 20 week programs Competition Prep and Off –Season
  • Complete program design for the desired time period.
  • Weekly check-ins via email, skype and progress pictures
  • Unlimited support via text, social media or preference
  • Detailed nutritional planning and smart phone app to take all the guess work out of it
  • Follow the plan all the way up to Show Day and know exactly how to time your macronutrients
  • Principles backed with a M.S in Human Performance and Wellness, National level experience and balanced efficient game plans.
  • Posing available for Physique, Bodybuilding, Figure or Bikini.
*Finance plans available for 2-3 month payments

*Discounts apply for dual packages purchased

Contact today for a FREE phone consultation for goal setting and federation selection

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