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Does your sales or sports team need motivation and perspective? Do your students need someone who has gone through many of the struggles that they face each day and persevered? Does your company need a corporate wellness presentation or program implemented? Are you looking for a personal consultant?

Contact Seville Ko to get fired up and on track. Through sharing his personal story of overcoming adversity through sports, entrepreneurship and fitness, Seville will share his formula for creating a successful business and maintaining good health. Get started today and reach the next level in your journey.


Justin Richmond

When i started mentoring under Seville I had a ton have knowledge and ideas but had no clue how to put them into play. I spent 3 years saying how much I wanted to be a personal trainer but nothing ever came of it. In 4 months, Seville had opened my eyes to how easy it could be to become a successful personal trainer and helped my put talents to use. He taught me many things, but the most valuable piece was the business side. Seville taught me how to start and run a successful personal training business ( RICH fitness LLC). His knowledge has helped me make a sizable part time income. I would highly recommend anyone to hire Seville as a mentor to help you capture your dreams!

Grant Moritz

I thought he gave a very motivational and inspirational presentation. His background and life growing up is very similar to many of our students, and he did a wonderful job of relating to them personally. His perseverance and hard work is a great example for our students, or for anyone. He used many great analogies and metaphors to convey the message that success is never easy, but if you want it enough and work hard to achieve it, success is within anyone’s reach.

Sister Suzanne Fitsmaurice

Seville Ko gave an amazing and motivational presentation to over 70 of our students here at Cristo Rey. Through the sharing of his own struggles and life experiences, he was able to challenge them to seek the things they most want out of life and to work at achieving those things as if their lives depended on it. Through sharing the tough decisions that he faced and the results of those decisions, he was able to help them see the importance of each of their choices and through his personal success was able to be a model of what is possible with hard work, dedication and commitment. It was a presentation they won’t soon forget.

Linda Bishop

The students at Cristo Rey Kansas City High School were moved by the personal story of Seville Ko. He shared his past personal struggles and how those challenges shaped the man he is today. Seville challenged our students not to be afraid to make the decision that is right, even though it may not be the decision that is easy. He also charged our students to make a commitment to whatever makes them happy, and to want that dream and to work for that dream as though their life depended on it. Seville’s life story, and his life direction, and his spirit of perseverance were truly inspirational to the students of Cristo Rey.

Maureen Gregg

Seville did a phenomenal job inspiring our students to push through the hurdles of life and commit to working hard to achieve their goals. Sharing his story and what he had to overcome was the motivation our students need to continue to move forward for a successful life. I would like to see him come back and talk about the importance of making good nutrition choices and the importance of daily physical activity for long term health and wellness.

Katie Kenton

I started doing boot camp with Seville mid October. My main goal was to tone up after I lost some weight from following his nutrition plan. I was doing boot camp for about a month when I decided I wanted to really dive in to my fitness journey and I signed up for personal training. I workout with Seville twice a week but he holds me accountable for the days in between. He pushes me to where I need to be and I always leave feeling accomplished. I highly recommend personal training sessions with SKOptimum!

Robin and Taylor Pruitt

“Seville is perfect for my husband and me. He meets us where we are, taking our physical limitations into account, and tailors a unique workout each time. I really like that he is very attentive to our form while working out, reducing the likelihood of injury and increasing our efficiency. We work much harder with him than we would on our own and we are loving the confidence and results that we are now getting. By combining regular training sessions and the Isagenix nutritional system, we have lost over 55 pounds combined and feel years younger. Seville coaches us on our eating plan and holds us accountable for workouts on off days. We hope to continue working with Seville for a long time, and improve our quality of life through fitness.

R. & T. Pruitt

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