Going from sedentary to long term weight loss and permanent change takes daily preparation, laser sharp focus and internal/external motivators to get through the tough times. Get a plan and stay consistent. If you’re unable to do that seek out your trusted fitness professional for an outline for you. Here are a few starter tips:

Have you planned your workout time for the day? Are your meal options set out also? Put it in your planner and make appointments for yourself. Leaving it up to chance will yield results accordingly. After all, our health should be our biggest investment.

1. Stay off the scale.

Measurements and body fat assessments are a great way to keep you on track for your goals. Jumping on the scale two to three times per day or even daily can lead to stress. Stress levels raise your cortisol levels which make you eat more and workout less. See the circular relationship here? Weighing and tape measuring every 1-2 weeks is good amount of time to see change.

2. Lift weights and cardio.

Proper progressive resistance training can help build lean muscle. That’s right ladies, I said lean muscle. The common misconception that weights lead to bulk is my favorite myth buster. There are few body types that pack on massive muscle and that also goes back to program design. Keep the reps high for starters 12-15 and rest periods low 30-60 seconds each set. The more muscle you have the more body fat you burn at rest. Don’t we all want to work less and gain more benefits? Treat the cardio as the icing on the cake. Cardio frequency depends on how much weight to lose and the outcome of the performance. I will save this for another blog.

3. This healthy lifestyle thing is a marathon not a sprint, remembers that.

I have seen the best retention of this mental change when someone commits all in. That means the nutrition, cardio and resistance training. Starting a program you will feel the results faster than anything. The weight loss game can be frustrating in our instant gratification mindset. Although these are just a few starting points to get you set up for success, this a very deep complicated process. Stay committed to your goals.

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level contact me today to consult for a plan. I specialize in meal planning and lifestyle coaching as you embark on this journey. Contact to get started with nutritional cleansing as well.

Seville Ko, MS, NSCA-CPT

“Yesterday you said tomorrow”